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Who We Are

Started in 2006, Breasia, pronounced [Bree-Asia] is a full service production company, offering state-of-the-art services in special events and concerts, audio, lighting, video production, online streaming, and installations. In addition, we are home to many artists who require professional recording and rehearsal space in our fully digital recording studio.

Jamal Lee, our founder, named the company in honor of two little girls, Brianna and his daughter Dasia. He envisioned Breasia as a legacy for the girls, one which fulfilled his passion for high-quality productions. Nailah Gobern joined the company after its first year of operation, and has served as Business Manager.  In this capacity, Nailah is the perfect complement to Jamal’s vision for Breasia Productions.  Together, their mission is to serve the community, providing a quality experience to their Clients, no matter how small or large their needs may be.

Breasia Productions is driven by the Executive Director's faith, and therefore everything that is produced by Breasia Productions is a testament to the hard work, dedication, exceptional values, and professionalism put forth by every staff member.

Breasia Productions
301 Compton Avenue Laurel, MD 20707
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